At Larentia, we offer energy audits to help outline how much energy you are using, where it is being used and the cost this energy usage is having on your energy bill. These audits help provide an insight on energy efficiency, and can help outline or strengthen a plan to turn towards a more sustainable and efficient strategy on energy usage. Larentia offers free energy audits, as well premium and quality LED light solutions for industrial, commercial or governmental project to help increase and create energy efficient. Larentia is ready to light the global path of LED light usages to create more efficient and sustainable energy solutions. In this post, we’re going to explore what goes into an industrial, commercial and governmental energy audit.

Commercial Energy Audit

A commercial energy audit inspects the energy usage for commercial businesses, which includes looking at the appliances, electricity and other factors within the commercial business that affect energy usage. Utilities should not be a cost of doing business, as any business should be open to the idea of reducing operation costs to help increase profits. Well, an energy audit can do that as it can help shed light on a way to reduce energy costs. These energy costs can be reduced from as little as 10 percent to as large as 40 percent. That’s a lot of saving on operating costs to help your commercial business save money. When looking for avenues in which to save costs on energy, it is best to determine which are the best ways to build that energy efficiency. Fortunately, Larentia has the answer to that. LED lights are an incredible way to increase energy efficiency in your commercial business. It helps create a cleaner, greener and more energy efficient future for your business and our planet. If your commercial business is using fluorescent lighting procedures for your commercial business, there is a lot of improvement on quality of lighting and savings on lighting costs by utilizing LED lights. LEDs offer quite an advantage, and Larentia invites you to utilize them after evaluating your energy audit and seeing the potential for cost reduction.

Industrial Energy Audit 

Industrial energy audits help analyze the cost of energy usage on a larger scale than just a commercial business. There are a variety of studies that highlight the possibility for energy efficiency within the industrial sector, which can be extremely cost effective for the industrial sector. The industrial energy audit Larentia provides a documented process of collecting, then evaluating energy evidence to provide an understanding of how energy is used within an industrial plant, and how it can become more efficient. There are various types of energy audits depending on a variety of factors for industrial plants, but these all maintain the same bottom line — looking at energy being used, what it is costing, and creating a plan to help implement more efficient and sustainable energy practices. By receiving an energy audit by Larentia, we can show you what inefficient lighting can cost you, and how LED lights can light up the future of your industrial space.

Governmental Energy Audits

Municipalities are required to provide a lot of lighting for various different types of usage. From streetlights and park lights to lights for schools, there are a variety of government projects that require quite a lot of lighting, and quite a lot of energy. Municipalities are always looking for ways to save money on lighting projects, while offering quality lighting. Fortunately, Larentia offers a solution to lighting inefficiencies. An audit can reveal how much money is being wasted on certain lighting projects, and can outline a plan to create a more cost-efficient and energy-efficient methods through LED lights. We want to light up the global path, and believe creating communities that are more energy-efficient with LED lights through governmental projects is a way to do so.
Larentia offers free energy audits, which can help enhance the plan for industrial, commercial and governmental projects. LED lights are proven to be an extremely cost-effective investment, providing immense savings on energy costs. We offer free energy audits, that way we can outline where your money is being spent and how it can be saved through more efficient lighting methods. Contact us today for a free audit or visit our website to learn more.