Why LED?

larentiaadvantagesLED technology represents an incredible improvement over the archaic nature of its fluorescent predecessors. LED lights have immense potential for energy conservation, but many businesses are still not utilizing these benefits. As of 2014, approximately 70% of American small businesses and corporate locations still employed inefficient, out of date fluorescent bulbs and fixtures, despite the information available about the energy efficiency of LED lights. These older generations typically operate 75% less efficiently than their LED counterparts and not only represent higher maintenance and operation costs, but also pose a threat to the workplace, as well as the environment.

The modern generations of LED technology embody a safer, more affordable, and far more preferable option for business owners. While providing brighter, cleaner, and more efficient lighting in an immense variety of commercial and industrial spaces, LEDs more importantly allow for maximum energy savings when it comes to the monthly electric bill. This can be a big way to save money, as well as help save our planet. Simply by lowering the amount of wattage consumed by an individual fixture, it is possible to vastly reduce one’s daily energy usage and in turn, greatly decrease daily operating costs. This is a hard feature to knock when fluorescent lights have a strew of high costs and safety threats.

Aside from the immediate benefits offered by an LED retrofit or installation, LED equipment is far more reliable than its predecessor and excels in offering at least a 50,000 hour lifespan with little to no maintenance. That’s a huge weight lifted off your shoulders when it comes to managing daily electricity operating costs. In almost every possible regard, LED technology is a step forward in lighting today, but more importantly, a means for protecting tomorrow.

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U.S. Department of Energy LED Equivalency Fact Sheet