banner23334444LED lights have immense benefits when it comes to its usage for your business. Utilizing it to save money may be an extremely beneficial investment for your commercial business to take, though it may be an expensive upfront investment. Saving money on any aspect of your operating costs can allow you to spend money elsewhere, and why waste precious capital on paying for energy with fluorescent lights when LED lights are proven to help cut down on energy costs, while providing quality lighting for your commercial space. It is argued that the lifetime of a single incandescent bulb for the usage of electricity can increase your energy costs five to ten times more than just simply using LED. That’s a lot of money saved from operating costs, allowing for monetary chances to put your money into other facets of your commercial business. In this blog, we’re going to explore how LED lights can save you money on energy bills, and why switching to LED is an overall smart investment.

What is LED

Let’s first explore what exactly is LED. LED stands for light-emitting diode, and is made from a special material called a semiconductor. A semiconductor is a solid substance that between an insulator and most metals, creates conductivity. LED lights are thus produced from the conductivity from the insulator and most metals. The metals present in LED lights are arsenic, gallium, indium, rare-earth elements like cerium, europium, gadolinium, lanthanum, terbium and yttrium, according to the USGS. The LEDs create light by electroluminescence because of the semiconductor activity. 


Why LED is Energy Efficient

As noted earlier, LED lights are seen as a powerful resource in cutting operational costs for commercial businesses and are extremely energy efficient. This is not only a benefit to your commercial business, but extremely beneficial to mother earth. The reason why LED lights are extremely energy efficient are due to its extended lifetime, compared to its fluorescent counterparts. A typical LED light requires about 30-60 milliwatts to operate, and are extremely durable. They are not damaged the same way like other bulbs would, providing peace of mind when it comes to having to replace these. Fortunately, they are not the easiest type of bulb to break! They are also extremely cost effective. Though installation may come at a hefty price, they last a long time and are thus more cost-effective than other bulbs. LEDs also provide a brighter, cleaner, and more efficient lighting. Though most American small businesses still utilized inefficient and out of date fluorescent bulbs and fixtures, we want to help change that around by informing you about the benefits LED lights can have on your business.

dreamstime_18537798Why LED is Good for Mother Earth

LED bulbs can not only just be a gift for operating costs, but a gift to mother earth. The fact that LED light bulbs have a longer lifetime than other bulbs decreases the amount of waste. Less waste because of fewer light bulbs results in great energy efficiency and a happy planet earth. Also, LED lights have no levels of mercury. Mercury that exists in landfills are dangerous for the environment. Because LED lights have no mercury, they are recyclable and thus extremely good for good old mother earth.

At Larentia, this is a very important facet of why we are dedicated to providing LED lights to commercial industries. With the harsh reality of environmental damages done from other energy sources, investing in a cost-effective and durable LED lighting system can save your commercial business a lot of money, while also helping mother earth. We are dedicated to creating energy efficiency to help create more energy conservation and overall reduce energy costs. We provide superior lighting services through our extensive research and development into the area of LED lights. We want to support green energy, while also supporting your business. LED lights are a great way to light up the future, so why wait. Get your commercial business LED lights and start to see the benefits from doing so, while investing in a greener, more energy efficient industry.

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