Larentia LLC is ready to provide superior LED lighting services through our extensive research and development. We are ready to help light the global path and your future. We offer both energy audits, as well as LED Light installation and replacement. Our beliefs in energy efficiency is rooted in helping government, commercial, and industrial projects sustain energy conservation to help reduce energy costs.

Mission Statement:

Larentia LLC LED believes in creating a cleaner, greener and more energy efficient future for our planet.

Through our extensive research and development, Larentia has grown from a supply line to so much more, and we’re ready to help light up your future.

Our abilities to identify solutions with safety and the end user in mind have positioned us to drive the innovation of LED lighting forward and help create energy efficiency.

Larentia is capable to fulfill appropriate safety certifications and engineer to specification for any and every project. We have completed and continue our extensive research and development to provide LED products based upon values consisting of superior quality, performance and efficiency.

We have the abilities to meet the rigorous demands needed for certain projects, as we have realized there is no “one size fits all” solution to the LED market. Whether it is a simple design change or a completely new fixture, we can bring it to reality. We’re dedicated to help light up your future with LED lights today!